Canvas Prints Price List

Canvas Prints Price ListCanvas Prints Price List

Display your unique one of a kind memories as Canvas Art. Photographing Love can create your very own ready to hang images on high quality canvas. Portrait, Landscape or even Square Canvas Prints. Have your portrait session displayed as beautiful canvas prints and they will be the talking point of your home for many years to come.

Canvas Prints Price ListWhy not try a canvas wall display, you can remember moments in time by telling the story of your life. Nothing quite captures the narrative of your journey better than our canvas print wall displays. Whether it be from your Wedding Day to your Family or Pet Portrait Session, a wall display will bring your memories & stories alive!

Photographing Love Accredited Professional PhotographerHand crafted, high quality material. Gallery grade consistent poly-cotton blend, thick, strong & textured. 1.25 inch wood frame. Special transparent lamination to protect canvas against moisture and fading. Vibrant colours. Fine texture. Hand stretched. Ready to hang. Includes editing.

Canvas Prints Price List

8 x 10


20 x 25

cm $ 140.00

12 x 12


30 x 30

cm $ 150.00

11 x 14


28 x 35

cm $ 175.00

16 x 16


40 x 40

cm $ 225.00

10 x 24


25 x 60

cm $ 250.00

16 x 20


40 x 51

cm $ 300.00

20 x 30


51 x 76

cm $ 375.00
24 x 36 inch 60 x 90 cm $475.00

Canvas Prints Price List

Larger sizes available, P.O.A. Prices do not include delivery.

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