Desk Crystal Frames

Desk Crystal Frames

Desk Crystal Frames

Desk Crystal Frames by Photographing Love. We are pleased to present these stunning table top, desk crystal frames in a variety of sizes. You may choose from, 5 x 7 inch, 6 x 8 inch (as photographed below) and a 8 x 10 inch size. Suitable for your table top, side board, bedside table, hall table or display in your office or work place.

Hand made modern, clean lines, crystal plaque desk top frames.

Personalise your desktop or home with your favourite Photographing Love images.

Desk Crystal Frames


5 x 7


127 x 178

mm $ 155

6 x 8


152 x 203

mm $ 175
8 x 10 inch

203 x 254

mm $ 225

Creating memorable images capturing beautiful natural moments is, Photographing Love.

Portraits, Weddings, Pets, Commercial, Corporate, Landscape & Real Estate Photography.

Be the envy of all your friends and display your unique imagery on these gorgeous desk crystal frames.

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