Stress Free Wedding Day

Stress Free Wedding Day

Stress Free Wedding Day – Here are a few tips that will help make your special day go off without a hitch!

After all, this is one of the biggest moments in your lives. Let’s help make your wedding day a stress free wedding day. Even though the concept of a stress free wedding day may seem like fantasy, it is not impossible. I know this personally as I had my very own stress free wedding!

  • Delegate: Pass on some of the jobs for your wedding day to people you trust, as you won’t be able to do everything by yourself. Ask your parents or bridesmaids. For example, putting together the music for your reception, sourcing the favours or decorating the venue the night before so you can get a good nights’ sleep. Just make sure that you explain exactly what you want before you hand over the job, and meet regularly with them for peace of mind and to check all is on track.

  • Designate a go-to person who knows just as much about the wedding as you do: In most cases, this is a maid of honour or sister. She knows when you need a rest, a drink, even food and can help calm your stressed Mum or Dad down. This go to person can help your photographer identify missing family members to help move along the portraits portion of the day. You may also want to turn your cell phone over to her for the day. If you don’t, you will find yourself acting as a ‘help desk’ for your friends and relatives.

  • Budget: This is something that you and your husband to be need to discuss and agree on early in your engagement. Decide what you can afford and budget specific parts of your wedding from there, prioritising aspects that are important to you, such as things like food, photography, dress, venue & even entertainment. If you’re receiving any financial help from your parents or in-laws, you may need to include them in this conversation too.

  • Break in your wedding shoes: Don’t let aching feet put a damper on your big day! Stretch out your heels in advance by wearing a thick pair of socks and aiming a hair dryer at the tighter spots (keep them on while they cool). You could also try placing a bag of water in each heel and freezing them overnight. Better yet, bring a change of shoes that you can slip on while shooting photos outdoors or after the first dance.

  • Choose a good photographer: You’ll keep your wedding snaps for the rest of your lives, so make sure you put a lot of time and thought into choosing your photographer. Shop around and be sure to check out their work. When meeting with them, clearly articulate your vision. Do you want standard posed wedding shots, or are you after more candid shots capturing all the emotion of the big day?

  • Rest the night before: The big day is going to be a busy one, so have a relaxing night and plenty of rest. This is the time to pamper yourself; get a massage, watch a favourite movie with your bridesmaids and be content in knowing that tomorrow you’re going to marry the love of your life.

  • Enjoy every second!: Remember, this is all about the two of you. The day will go fast, so cherish every moment and don’t get caught up in the formalities and your time plan. If you can sneak away for a few moments alone with your hubby, it’s a great way for you both to take in your surroundings and reflect on how things have gone.

Stress Free Wedding Day

Photographing Love offers beautiful high quality work for your wedding day imagery, at affordable pricing. Matched with great customer service to ensure that you have a stress free wedding day.

We are members of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) and are committed to continuing our professional development along with continuing to improve our photographic skills to bring you unique, professional images that you will cherish forever.

We believe that photography should be relaxed and fun, free of unnecessary stresses. Our professional yet relaxed approach to your big day means that not only will you get the best photographs possible, but you will also have wonderful memories of your wedding day. We work around you, not the other way around!

Weddings are individual, unique and one of a kind. We pride ourselves on capturing the finer details of your day, while you are marrying the one you love. We can design wedding packages that suit your style, budget and wedding day needs.

We offer a range of wedding day photography packages to suit every type of wedding and every budget. We also offer a range of add ons, including professionally printed photographs, canvas prints, wedding albums and even photo books so you can display photos of your special day.

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