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Wall Images

Wall ImagesChoosing images for displaying in your home. With so many tips out there on how to create gallery walls, along with how to choosing the right frames for your decor, I’m here to tell you all are important decisions that need to be made well.  But since I’m a photographer, not an interior designer, I want to focus on choosing the right images that will best compliment your wall spaces you are filling with you and your family.

These are not design rules, just suggestions from a photographer’s point of view.

Choose larger sized prints and canvases for areas where you can see them across the room.  What’s the point in printing small 4×6’s and 5×7’s if you can’t see them unless you walk up to them?

Prints on an open wall or above a fire place need to be big (at minimum 16×20 inch) in order to enjoy them from across the room.  Take into consideration the space you are filling when deciding how big you can go. Along with colour decor. Will the colour image suit your decor, or would black and white suit better?

Wall ImagesOne of the most consistently popular photo gallery choices to make is using black and white pictures. Not only does a black and white images make them timeless, it unifies the photos, creating a clean, classic look. When you’re trying to group a variety of pictures from different time frames, uniformity can be a great solution! To the left we see a spread of family photos in a hallway, a very popular gallery spot for your home.

Another popular technique for creating a cohesive gallery of family photos is buying matching frames! Even if pictures have different looks, the uniform outlines created by framing can tie them together. Perhaps you have pictures in a variety of sizes and you wonder how you’ll ever find matching frames. Have no fear! If you’re looking for frames of the same color, let go of style restrictions but hang onto your colour of choice. Grouping of photos in black frames, thick, thin, double matts, no matts, some hold two pictures. Do these differences matter? Absolutely not! In fact, they add interest to the display. Not to mention, a can of spray paint can easily convert frames of a different color to your colour of choice.

So you’re looking for a little diversity on your wall. Who says all of your frames have to match in any way, shape or form? If you aren’t up for a complicated framing project but you still want some form of consistency, consider the photos themselves. Keep the images in black and white or sepia if mixing different frames.

I believe, there is no hard and fast rule for displaying wall images. Keep it simple and your wall images turn into wall art. If it’s your family on your wall, the love you have for the who’s in the images is what it’s all about.

Wall Images

Photographing Love Collages (as above) personalise a story of your family, your children, your babies, your pets or even your wedding day. Collages are a great way to show a lot of your favourite images at the same time, in the same frame. There are many options of how your story can be told through photo collages.

Collages are also a cheaper way of printing your ready to frame images. Printing with boarders, saves costs on matting. Simply choose your images and we place them into a collage and send off to professional printers to print on one page. Thus you having to only purchase one frame. What a great option in reducing costs.

Photographing Love Collages

We design with your wall space in mind.

Wall Images

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